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Lecture 5

ITM 100 Lecture Notes - Lecture 5: Quality Control, Customer Relationship Management, Asset Management

Information Technology Management
Course Code
ITM 100
Joseph Lee

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CHAPTER 4 (Enterprise Computing and ERP)
New trend in enterprise computing
* Technology change
* Elements affecting competitor and consumer behaviour
* New innovations in marketplace
* Environment (green)
* Social networks
Enterprice resource planning
* ERP involves integrating all internal daily operational processes (distribution, accounting,
HR, manufacturing etc...)
* Isolated and independent systems are now interacting together.
Social responsibility - Green
*Energy consumption
*Data centre uses more energy than a regular office.
Recycling IT equipment
*Sustainable IT disposal - safe disposal
*EHF - environmental handling fees - ontario
Enterprise resource planning
*Everyone works with the same company data
*which eliminates redundancies
*Reduces wasted time
*Removes inconsistancies
Heart of ERP
*The central database that collects data and feeds data into various modules of
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