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Lecture 4

ITM 100 Lecture Notes - Lecture 4: Times New Roman, Turnitin

Information Technology Management
Course Code
ITM 100
Raymond Moss

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Mini Assignment # 1 – “Vancity”(Chapter 1 Case Study)
Using the case titled “Vancity”, please answer the following questions:
1. What is Vancity's competitive advantage over other types of financial institutions? [2.5
2. Who are Vancity's stakeholders and what value does the organization create for them? [2
Formatting [0.5 mark]
Important points to remember about your submission:
Times New Roman 12pt.
Stapled (marks will be deducted if the assignment is not stapled)
Do not exceed 2 pages
Do not include a title page
The assignment must be submitted to Turnitin by the deadline (see turnitin submission
process below)
The heading on the first page must include your complete name, student number, section
number, name of the assignment, turnitin confirmation number and name of professor.
The deadline for the hard-copy submission in class is stated in the syllabus. Late
submissions will be penalized.
Turnitin submission process
Click on the Assignments folder in Blackboard:
Select the correct assignment (i.e. Mini-assignment #1) for your section.
Select 'file upload' to submit your paper from the drop down menu.
Select your name from the drop down menu.
Your first name and last name will automatically populate the name fields.
Enter the correct assignment name (e.g. Mini-assignment #1).
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