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ITM 102 Lecture Notes - Database, Microsoft Word, Cloud Computing

Information Technology Management
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ITM 102
David Schlanger

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ITM102 Individual Assignment – Fall 2012
Weight: 10 marks
Due date:Sunday November 18, 11:59 pm. You must submit your
assignment on time. Late submissions will be accepted only at the
discretion of your instructor and will be subject to a 5% per day
Choose four topics from the list of topics at the end of this
document. Assume that you are
A technically- savvy employee and your less technically-savvy boss needs
overviews of four complex but vital current IT topics. Your task is to give
your boss a 1-page (no more than 500 words) ‘executive summary’
for each topic, addressing the questions or issues with sufficient
detail to inform your boss of the key points an organization should
understand about each topic.
You are encouraged to use the Internet, other books, and other academic
sources (e.g. white papers, journal articles and conference proceedings) to
research each topic. Excessive use of quotes will not impress your instructor
or your (fictional) boss. You should use at least 3 sources other than your
text for each topic that you research. Use APA citation style to reference your
sources. Concordia University’s library offers a helpful guide to APA citation
style at
You will be assessed on your ability to convey knowledge about each topic in
an accurate, thorough and readable manner. Poor grammar and/or failure to
follow the formatting instructions will result in mark deductions.
Submission Instructions
Compile your four reports into a single Microsoft Word file. Your document
must be single spaced and paginated. Add a cover page which includes your
name, student number, section, date of your submission and a descriptive
title (e.g. A Summary of Various IT Topics; topic 1, topic 2 etc.). Submit your
file to using the Individual Assignment link in Blackboard.
Academic Integrity
Please familiarize yourself with Ryerson’s Student Code of Academic
Conduct, online at
You must ensure that your submission is your own work and is free of
plagiarism. As explained on the Academic Integrity website at
ml, “Plagiarism means claiming the words, ideas, artistry, drawings, images
or data of another person as if they were your own.” Types of plagiarism
Copying and pasting material from a website
Making minor changes to an author’s words or style and then
presenting the material as your own
Taking text from published authors, your friend’s paper, or work you’ve
already handed in
Using a direct quotation but leaving out the quotation marks
Paraphrasing too closely to the original
Failing to cite sources or citing them incorrectly such that the work
cannot be properly found
Working with another student on a project but failing to put both
names on the final product
Having someone else re-write or heavily edit your paper
Through the Blackboard assignment link, your work will be submitted to As explained in the appendix to the ITM102 course of study,
“ is a plagiarism prevention and detection service to which
Ryerson subscribes. It is a tool to assist faculty in determining the similarity
between student work and the work of other students who have submitted
papers to the site (at any university), internet sources, and a wide range of
journals and other publications. While it does not contain all possible
sources, it gives faculty some assurance that students’ work is their own. No
decisions are made by the service; it simply generates an “originality
report”. Faculty must evaluate that report to determine if something is
Important resources available on campus are:
· Writing Centre Resources at Ryerson
· Learning APA Style
· ITM research guide
1. During the last two years the traditional company you work for has
experienced loss in business to competitors which have converted to
digital firms. Explain to your boss how the company you work for can
become more competitive by converting to a digital firm.
2. Digital management of corporate assets is vital to the performance of
a well-managed organization. Citing examples of companies that
manage their corporate assets digitally, discuss why information
systems are essential for running and managing modern
3. Your job requires you to work with team members who are located in
different offices. Frequently your work is delayed because
transmission of information from team members is late. Describe how
the implementation of a collaboration system will allow you complete
your work on-time.
4. The company you work for is a digital firm however your boss would
like to determine how to utilize the new technology to achieve
competitive advantage. Write an executive summary informing her
about how the internet can be used to achieve competitive advantage.
5. The implementation of an information system (IS) can result in
persistent problems related IS social, ethical, and legal issues. Your
task is to prepare a document which identifies one of those problems
and discusses how it can be solved.
6. Many banks have expanded their services from conventional banking
transactions to investment in stocks. These IS systems enable
investors to trade anytime. Discuss how wireless technologies provide
unlimited access to investors.
7. Business organizations can obtain cloud computing services according
to their needs. Compare the advantages and disadvantages of
acquiring a cloud service. Discuss two factors companies must
consider in order to make the most appropriate choice for the
8. Appleton is a distillery which produces a variety of high quality
beverages for local and foreign distribution. The process of making
various qualities of beverages is time-consuming and complicated.
Each barrel of rum has to be dated, tested and stored in specific
sections of the distillery before it is bottled. Discuss how a database
management system will keep track of the distillery’s information.
9. Dell’s success in the marketplace is closely linked to its partnerships
with its suppliers. Describe how Dell’s supply chain has enabled the
company to maintain a competitive advantage. Explain to your boss
why the company you work for should establish strong relationships
with its suppliers in order to increase the efficiency of the order
fulfilment process.