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ITM 102 Lecture Notes - Pearson Education, Facebook Credits, Mobile App

Information Technology Management
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ITM 102
Catherine Middleton

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Name: Aaina Jaiswal
Student Number: 500508476
question: 2
Facebook is one of the most effective and most popular social networking place. It was
most commonly used for people to stay in touch who are either related or friends with each other
and live in distant places but this has changed over past few years because some people including
large companies have started to use Facebook as a source of business to promote the sales of
their products and services. The option of creating a "Like" button for a company can be
beneficial because there are many people who will be interested and end up liking their page
which will definitely benefit the companies but this has got some disadvantages while it comes
to the privacy of such users of Facebook. There has been many concerns regarding the privacy
because it was being said that Facebook had the ability to store and share personal information of
its users. As a result, these users were concerned and scared about their privacy due to the
connection these companies have created through the invention of "like" button on their web
page. Even if one is not a Facebook user, this feature can still allow Facebook to detect the web
page visited which allows Facebook to collect data about the user's browsing habits illegally.
This is a major concern because some people might not be aware of such a problem but people
who are aware, they are highly concerned and afraid of the consequences of this privacy issue.
To solve this issue one cannot change what has been done on Facebook because it saves all the
actions done by its users in the past years, " The DPC has already received complaints
that Facebook retains data - including status updates, chat messages, photo tags, and deleted
friendships - even after users remove them from their own personal profiles." This can also be a
downfall for many companies who are planning to go for this approach because the more aware
people are about this issue the higher will be the reduction in the supply of their products.
Companies should definitely look for different ways to sell their products because while
Facebook can be a very easy and profitable way of advertising, it can also be a high damage to
the company. The usage of "like" button is just one way how Facebook retains some of its users
habits but Facebook is able to do this right when you join Facebook as it is said in the data use
policy of Facebook, "we receive data about you whenever you interact with Facebook, such as
when you look at another person's timeline, send or receive a message, search for a friend or a
Page, click on, view or otherwise interact with things, use a Facebook mobile app, or purchase
Facebook Credits or make other purchases through Facebook." Therefore, a company should be
aware of things like these are breaking the trust of many Facebook users, and should not be
continued or violate the rules and promises that Facebook had once formed.
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