ITM 102 Lecture Notes - Lecture 3: Noweb, Amay, Service Level

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ITM102 - Business Driven Information Systems - Lecture 3: Internet and E-Business
Digital Darwinism - when organizations cannot adapt to new technological demands,
they fail to enter a market and lose profit.
Disruptive technology - opening new markets with technology that disrupt the status quo.
Sustaining technology - improving existing technology in existing markets.
Internet - computer networks that pass information among each other using protocols.
Protocol - standards that specify the format of which data is transferred.
World Wide Web - global hypertext system that uses the internet to transport data.
Hypertext transport protocol - internet standard that supports the World Wide Web.
Internet’s impact on information includes: easy compilation, richness of
information, increased reach and constantly improving content.
Digital divide - when people have greater access to technology than others.
Web 2.0 - social and economic technology trends that collectively form the basis of the
next generation of the internet.
Mashup - website of application that uses content from one or more sources.
Web 3.0 - based on the “intelligent” web applications using natural language and
self-learning through artificial intelligence.
Semantic web - structuring data so web pages are easier to understand and
Intranet - internalized internet in a closed server accessible by
Extranet - internet in a server available to multiple resources.
Portal - web site that offers broad array of resource.
Kiosk - publicly accessible computer system that allows information
There are three common forms of service provision.
Online service provider - offers internet service.
Internet service provider - offers network access to the internet.
Application service provider - offers access over the internet to systems and
other services.
Service level agreements - define customer and service use expectations
while browsing a web site.
E-commerce - buying and selling goods and services online.
E-business - conducting fiscal relations online, including collaboration with partners.
Mass customization - ability of an organization to tailor specific product expectations.
Personalization - occurs when companies know customer wants by purchasing
The Long Tail - refers to the “tail” in a sales curve which narrows due to specific
customizations via customer requests.
Intermediary - agent software or business software that provides trading infrastructure.
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