ITM 102 Lecture Notes - Lecture 1: Management Information System, Web Conferencing, Information System

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ITM 102 – Lecture 1 – The Role of Information System in Business Today
1.1How Information Systems Are Transforming Business
Smartphones, texting, email and online conferencing have all become essential
tools of business
People use technology to better their daily life (shopping online)
Businesses are starting to use social networking tools to connect their
employees, costumers, and managers around the world
What is New in Management Information Systems?
Constant change in technology, management’s use of the technology, and
the resulting impact on business success
Successful firms are those that learn how to use new technologies
There are three interrelated changes in the technology area: the
emerging mobile digital platform, the growing business use of big
data and the growth in cloud computing where more businesses
software run over the Internet
PCs and desktops are being replaced by smartphones – managers
communicate with employees more with mobile phones; this is called the
“emerging mobile digital platform”
Millions of managers rely on the mobile digital platform to coordinate
suppliers and shipments, satisfy customers, and manage their employees
Globalization Challenges and Opportunities: A Flattened World
Thomas Friedman wrote an influential book declaring that the world
was now “flat” meaning that the Internet and global communications had
greatly reduced the economic and cultural advantages of developed
Avoid markets for goods and services that can be produced
offshore much less expensively
The Emerging Digital Firm
A digital firm is one in which nearly all of the organization’s significant
business relationships with costumers, suppliers, and employees are
digitally enables and mediated
Digital firms sense and respond to their environments far more rapidly
than traditional firms – they offer extraordinary opportunities for more
flexible global organizations and management
Time shifting refers to business being conducted 24/7
Space shifting means that work takes place in a global workshop as well
as national boundaries
Strategic Business Objectives of Information System
Today’s service such as Amazon, eBay, Google, finance, insurance, travel,
medicine, education, and so on could not operate without information
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