ITM 102 Lecture Notes - Lecture 1: Competitive Advantage, Business Intelligence, Social Business

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ITM102: Lecture 1 and Textbook - Information Systems in Business Today
How IS are Transforming Business:
Increases international markets, enter new markets, make more profit, social networking, online
What’s New in Management Information Systems?
Bigger data space
Mobile digital platform (IPhone)
Managers adopt online collaboration and social networking software to improve collaboration
(Ex. Google apps)
Business Intelligence applications accelerate (more powerful data analytics and interactive
dashboards provide real-time performance)
Social business use social networking platforms to cooperate social tools
Wireless connection
Globalization Challenges and Opportunities: Flattened World
Internet and global communication has greatly reduced economic and cultural advantages
Jobs, goods, move across the globe
The Emerging Digital Firm
Digital firm: all of organization’s significant business relationships with customers, suppliers, and
employees are digitally enabled and meditated
Strategic Business Objectives of IS:
Operational Excellence:
Improvement of efficiency in order to attain higher profitability
Ex. Walmart’s retail link system links supplies to stores for superior replenishment system (they
achieved $460 billion sales b/c of its Retail links)
IS and technologies are most important tools available to managers for achieving higher levels of
efficiency and productivity
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