ITM 102 Lecture Notes - Lecture 7: Wi-Fi, Optical Fiber, Icann

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Chapter 7: Telecommunications, the Internet, and wireless Technology
Networking and Communications Trends
Telephone networks and computer networks converging into single digital network using internet standards
More than 90% of Canadian internet users have broadband access
High speed transmission technology. Designates a single communications medium that can transmit multiple
channels of data simultaneously
Broadband wireless
Voice, data communication are taking place over broadband wireless platforms
What’s a computer Network?
Two or more connected computers
Major components in simple network (client and server computers, network interfaces (NICs), connection medium,
network operating system, hubs, switches, routers)
SDN (software-defined networking): functions of switches and routers managed by central program
Corporate Network Infrastructure
100 of local area networks (LANs) linked to firm-wide corporate network
Various powerful servers (website, backend systems, external, intranet)
Mobile wireless LANs (Wi-fi networks)
Tekephone networks
Wireless cell phones
Key Digital Network Technologies
Client/server computing
a model for computing that splits processing between clients and servers on a network, assigning functions to the
machine most able to perform the function
Distributed computing model
Clients linked through network controlled by network server computer
Server sets rules of communications for network
Replaced centralized mainframe computing
The internet: Largest implementation of client/server computing
Packet Switching
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