ITM 102 Lecture Notes - Web 2.0, Social Computing, Photobucket

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Chapter 8 - Web 2.0, Social Media, and Online Trends
-Web 2.0 has come to represent the interactive web ---> moving from a passive site that
basically displays information to a site that permits interaction with visitors or users.
-User-generated content (UGC) include blogs and conversation threads.
-Semantic web is a next-generation web that makes information sharing and exchange
easier by focusing on content, search-ability and interpretability at a technical level.
Defining Social Technologies and Utility
-Purpose-built collections of existing capabilities and tools are simply bundled together
to create a novel technology-enabled online experience paralleling offline socializing.
-Form to function occurs when developers replicate the paradigms of human social in-
teractions and enable them to occur online with technology.
Top 10 Social Sites:
1. YouTube
2. Blogger
3. Twitter
4. Facebook
5. Flickr
6. MySpace
7. LinkedIn
8. Photobucket
9. Blogspot
10. Digg
-Social networking is the 4th most popular online application overall (after search, dat-
ing/adult sites, and gambling).
-1 in every 11 minutes, U.S. consumers spend online is now devoted to social comput-
ing sites.
Social Utility
-Social utility suggests that you only spend time on sites that are useful to you, and that
the time invested on the site somehow contributes to your happiness or social satisfac-
tion, or creates social opportunities for you.
-Three Pillars of Sociability ---> Affiliate, Participate, Validate.
-Ensure that users want to be affiliated with your group.
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