Dienesh Mahendrarajah
ITM407 section 931
Smartphones are becoming an essential part of life of every individual in today’s society. Due to
its mass functionality, it can be misused in the workplace, educational institution and even in
everyday life. At workplaces, it is capable of storing personal information of clients and
information about the company. It is possible to send viruses and malware from one’s
smartphone to the work computer. Workers can even browse on sites that are restricted on their
work computers right of their phone, for example social networking sites, personal email, and
other sites. Smartphones and regular cell phones are not used in colleges and universities exams
because of its ability to communicate within the student group, sharing answers etc. It is easy to
cheat on assignments, using the smartphone browser.
Wikipedia is web based encyclopedia where information is collaborated by its users. It can be
edited by anyone and is verified by professionals relating to the topic. A lot of users are too
dependent on this site. They use it for their preliminary research and also using it for quickly
looking up for information. A day without Wikipedia would be hard on users who are dependent
on it. Students’ primary source of information to gather is usually Wikipedia. The students
sometimes rely on Wikipedia for exam and test preparation. There are other valid sources of
information that can be accessed. For example would be other online encyclopedias like Encarta,
peer reviewed journals and articles. One would describe this situation to be scary and have no
idea of where to retain specific information that they need. We turn to other sources like Google
and other search engines.
Stop Online Piracy Act or SOPA was introduced by US law makers to stop online piracy of
music, videos and other content on the world wide web. When this bill was introduced, there was
a whole commotion of online protests occurring on the web. I believe this is unethical to some
degree. This puts constraints on the users on the web to share their idea and information freely.
Having the authorities regularily monitor the web and censoring information put out by the users.
This inhibits the freedom of speech online. I am glad that they have halted the SOPA and PIPA
act. The Megavideo site closure was ridiculous in my opinion because I believe it was a great
way of sharing pictures, and information on the web. I even use it to upload pictures I took
during trips so I could share it with my friends on family. Even though they arrested the people
who ran the Megavideo site, I believe they should have kept parts of the sites running. Atleast
they should have let parts of the site to run so one could upload their own personal pictures and
This week I want to talk about using live animals to feed big cats in china. I have seen videos of
zoos in china where they keep lions and tigers in captivity. They bring tourists to these sites and
put on a feeding animals show where they drop a cow, goat or sheep in the middle of the field
where tigers and lion roam freely. This displays grotesque animal cruelty. Having live animals as
bait for these big cats and displaying them as a show to these audiences is absurd. I believe the
government should step in and stop this cruelty of these animals. I wrote a letter to the Chinese
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