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Decision Analysis Template
Facts Stakeholder Impact Risks/Consequences
-workers un unhappy with the monitoring
-it is causing great stress on agents
-increase in productivity by 15%
- clients receive lower quality of service
within a short period of time than they
normally would from the travel agents
- clients would be unhappy since travel
agents are under constant monitoring and
pressured to finish call and move on to
next client
-company operates at a more efficient and
productive rate of activity
- the constant monitoring could cause an
increase in higher health insurance cost
- increase in turnover
-negative effects over long term can offset
productivity gains right now
Roles &
Policies? Duties? Rights? Benefits/Costs?
- agents are
required to work in
an efficient manner
and provide a high
quality of customer
service to their
- they are not to use
the companies
phone lines for their
own personal use
unless it is an
- Katherine Davis
as human resource
director helps relay
messages from
employees towards
their superior
-agents provides
clients with
customer services
-Management must
product positive
outcome through
the company for
- company has right
to monitor its
employees in order
to ensure they are
performing to the
company standard
- agents are to
retain potential
clients through
phone calls
-managements are
to provide
employees a
environment to
work in
- employee’s right
to privacy
-employer’s right to
monitor employees
- increase in
productivity by
15% and if it
continues, Topper
can eliminate
several positions
and cut costs to
improve profit
-1 second off 1000
agents ccall can
save $1 million in
labor cost
Alternative 1 - Alternative 2 - Alternative 3 -
- keep the monitoring level the same
- increase in productivity by 15%
- save $1 million in labor cost
- employees will continue to not show up to
- lose money due to the lack of workers
-reduce the level of monitoring
- productivity will still increase but not as much
- save less than $1 million but still save
- Employees will feel much happier at work
- Less stress on employees
- won’t lose as much money as they would if
they kept it
- get rid of the monitoring system completely
- employees will continue as they were before
- no employees leaving due to the system
- no increase in health insurance cost that would
be due to increase in stress levels
- Won’t save $1 million in labor cost
- the same productivity with no increase
- no increase in turnover
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