ITM 820 Lecture Notes - Lecture 4: Mandatory Access Control, Smart Key, Uninterruptible Power Supply

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Week 4 ITM 820
Confidentiality is the avoidance of the unauthorized, disclosure of info involves
-protection of data
-providing access to resources for those who are allowed to see it
1) Encryption
-symmetric and Asymmetric
2) Access Control
-a set of rules and polices applied to resources
3) Authentication (Kerbros, NTLM)
-determination of the identity or role that someone has
Note 3 components of authentication are:
1. Something the person has (smart key, smart card, radio signal)
2. Something the person knows (pin, password, pattern)
3. Something the person is (eye scan, finger print … etc)
4) Authorization: the determination if a person or system or application is allowed access to resources,
based on access control policy.
5) Physical security: locked rooms, cameras … etc
Integrity: the property that information has not been altered in an unauthorized way
1) Backup
2) shadow copy (keeps all previous versions of files) – huge storages needs/slows system down
3) Check sum (a signature showing the file was not altered
4) Data recording code – method for storing files in such a way that the small changes can be easily
Availability: the property of information available to authorized people in a timely fashion.
1) Physical protection (clustering of servers for data and load balancing)
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find more resources at
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