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Lecture 2

JRN 105 Lecture 2: Digital News Format

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JRN 105
Lisa Taylor

JRN 105 Week 2: Digital News Format What do citizens need from the press? • Citizens need to be informed of issues and new surrounding their communities and the international world • They also need it to be investigated in order to highlight what needs to be known and why the issue is important • Content should be easy to read and understand • Content should also be interesting and incredibly visual • Content needs to contain a wide variety of voices and opinions • Content needs to have little to no bias • Press also needs to hold big organizations accountable Digital Media Format • Modern, average reader has an attention span of a goldfish or less • Thus we need shorter, interactive story forms • Also we need creative story forms that are always new and exciting • Premium long-form stories that are well-researched and told • There also needs to be attention seeking headlines that draw readers in and let them click to read • Always use the INVERTED PYRAMID • Smartphones are primary viewing devices for news so it needs to be shorter and compact • Main elements include: headline, dek, photo and subheads • Also there are optional elements including internal links, external links, pull quotes, video, audio and lists Headline • Usually 6-10 words long • One-line summary of the story • Headline communicate a clear focus • Might be an overlap between headline and lead • Learn new rules for headlines by looking at CP style Dek • 10-20 words is a guideline for length, but it depends on story and individual news organization’s preferred style • Dek: elaborates on headline, answers most of the 5Ws, offers brief engaging quote • Most important idea is to further engaged the read
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