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Lecture 2

JRN 106 Lecture 2: SEO and SMO

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JRN 106
Gavin Adamson

JRN 106 Lecture 2: SEO and SMO What is SEO and SMO? SEO: Search Engine Optimization SMO: Social Media Optimization Why SEO and SMO? • We live in an online world filled with users who click on what they find interesting. Good SMO and SEO optimizes this process so readers click on articles • Print revenue is decreasing so we need to find ways to get users to click on articles to make money from online ads • Print revenue used to generate about $40,000 for full page ads not online you generate only $7 of 1,000 impressions • We need traffic to our sites to obtain revenue online from plenty of users What led to the creation of SEO and SMO? • Google algorithms are the main need for SEO and SMO • Google filters content based on a series of algorithms that best match a search • Google loves news and has a tab for news but will not pay for news • Thus we need to optimize our wording so that out articles get shown at the top
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