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Lecture 6

JRN 106 Lecture 6: Geeking out pt 1

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JRN 106
Gavin Adamson

JRN 106: Geeking out Pt. 1 Numeracy and News Judgement Numeracy leads to a higher standard of evidence Numbers mean readers can trust your creditability Journalists need to understand what numbers in certain contexts mean and how to read them to report properly According to Vos 2014, deviance and social significance are news dimensions This can be extended to numeracy and news judgement as well DevianceEvents Occur When Laws or social norms are crossed Eg. Someone embezzles money When status quo may be threatened When an event appears to fall out of what is Statistically normal Eg. Unemployment rate rises by an inordinate amount over a series of months Changes in Political Systems are important because They affect business, commerce, employment, government budgets or macroeconomic trends They affect institutions such as religion, ethnicity and language They affect the wellbeing of citizens related to health, the environment and natural disasters Numeracy in Journalism Journalists have a reputation of making mistakes when it comes to numbers Some reporters value immediacy over getting it right sometimes, leading to mistakes in reporting numbers Numbers are great at telling a story but numbers must be arranged to tell the whole picture
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