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Lecture 9

JRN 106 Lecture 9: Serious Video

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JRN 106
Gavin Adamson

Social and Serious Video Videos Now • Viewership of broadcast television in the United States was down 25 per cent among 18-49 year olds in the year to September 2015 (Nielsen) • A spring 2015 of 1,100 undergraduate students in Toronto: Less than 18 per cent watched cable television (Hutchinson 20115) • Meanwhile, Nielsen has reported that YouTube reached more American adults aged 18- 30 than any cable company • A tipping point will be arriving for TV news as it did for its print cousin, as advertisers migrate away to Internet with audience (Picard 2015) • Facebook sees 8 billion views a day from 500 million users- Up from 4 billion in April (100% increase) Social and Serious Video 6 Types: 1. Broadcast-style videos: Newsrooms re-purpose reports for the Web 2. Raw videos: Shot uploaded by reporters 3. Explainer videos: for tough subjects like personal finance 4. Interactive features: Short clips complement te
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