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chapter 6

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Law and Business
LAW 122
Avi Weisman

11132011Chapter 6 Negligence 3 for plaintiff1 for defendantPlaintiff must prove allDuty of Care required use reasonable care to avoid injuring the plaintiff1aDoes have to purchase as long as they use the their servicesproductbDuty of care possible liability no duty of care no liabilityCriteria fro duty of careReasonable foreseeability did defendant know what was happening could injure plaintiff1Cant be held liable if you have no way of knowing is there would be a harm that awould be causedbCase61 pg132 suffer loss if not delivered by certain date Agree with carrier to send by certain date but not the loss otherwise not delivered by certain date Carrier not liable cause they didnt know the lossProximity relationship factors to look at2Social relationship the parent is required to raise kid but not random strangeraCommercial relationship bar tavern responsible if drunken customer causes baccident after but not a house party host
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