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Lecture 1

LAW 122 Lecture Notes - Lecture 1: Socialist Feminism, Liberal Feminism, Private Sphere

Law and Business
Course Code
LAW 122
Reese Simpkins

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Contemporary Legal Feminisms
Many kinds of feminisms
Always think of feminism/feminist with an s
5 kinds of feminisms that make up legal feminism
Kind of liberalism. OVL= attainable goal
Believe that society Is based on a social contract
State=neutral arbiter primarily in the public sphere
oPrivate sphere should be free from the state
Individuals basically the same- no innate difference between men and
Women’s inequality exist… by accident
Bad (sexist) law, result of biology assumptions
Assumed that they were only capable of being nurturers, mothers, and caring
Socialization of women into feminine sex roles as caregivers and
housekeepers.. this is what creates inequality
Men= comparison group
Men are the norm to which women aspire
Women want same rights as men
Law= primary instrument for achieving equality
No revolutionary transformation, just tweaking of existing system
Focus… is on gradual change.. Liberal feminism in a nutshell
View women’s oppression=most fundamental
Patriarchy = is the system in which men maintain dominance over women
Violence= key to maintenance of patriarchy
State, law and patriarchy = male “protection rackets”
Solution= separatism
Most characterized kind..
Criticism of liberal and radical feminisms for being singularly focused on
women (white, middle class, heterosexual)
Like radical feminists, anti racist and socialist feminists all agree that the OVL
is something that prevents us from understanding how law works in reality
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