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Assignment 4 1. Evaluate Individual Arguments: a. Conduct A Prima Facie Evaluation:  Fallacies= This article consists of the following fallacies: Fallacy- because the article is pretty good at persuading the reader that in cases schizophrenia and mental illnesses can be triggered or caused due to the use of the drug. Ad hominem- some critics disagree with the article because they believe that Cannabis is not the primary trigger to mental illnesses, and that other triggers may be responsible to a person’s vulnerability, and lastly, hasty generalization because the author is striving to say that the primary reason of mental illnesses is cannabis, but fails to see or take time to fully analyze every individuals main trigger which caused their decreased mental health.  This article argues that cannabis Sativa and super weed are the primary causes of schizophrenia and mental health disorders. Some authors debate that this is not the case, and that there are other reasons that should be taken into consideration as the causes of schizophrenia and mental health disorders such as environment and up bringing.  It is wrong to make a generalization without sufficient research b. Assess the factual claims based on the evidence provided by author and credibility of sources cited  Dr B O’Shaughnessy- On The Preparation of Cannabis Indica Gunja in 1839- listed the effects of cannabis indica. He used the medical properties as proof of these claims that he drug “exhilarated the spirits” because of its medical properties. This claim is not very well supported because again he hasen’t done enough research to make sure that other people don’t already have a mental illness, and that taking the drug only made it worse  Dr. Mathew Large- used a social science experiment. It came from 83 different experiments employing 83 different research teams who asked 83 different sets of questions. This is a stronger claim because of the huge selection of tests that were made. c. Assess the evaluative claims according to relevant criteria  Cannabis causes schizophrenia o This is wrong to generalize because everyone is different. Some people are born with the genetics of schizophrenia and are predisposed to the illness, and same goes for any other mental illness. Some people do another drug or combine drugs to become this way. Some people are even triggered by environmental influences such as death of a family member that causes this disease. Therefore it isn’t correct to simply blame cannabis alone for being responsible of inducing this state of mind, especially if people who have never done the drug are schizophrenic or mentally ill. d. Assess the possibilities in light of the alternatives  The other alternative possibilities as mentioned before are environmental and biol
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