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LAW 122 Lecture Notes - Addiction, Peer Pressure, Mens Sana Monographs

Law and Business
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LAW 122
Eric Ball

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Drug Addiction
Shereen Anis
Dr. Maria Wolf
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Addiction, defined as the state of being enslaved to a habit or practice or to
something that is psychologically or physically habit-forming, as narcotics, to such an
extent that its cessation causes severe trauma. For the sake of analysis on two articles, an
author argues that addiction is solely based on environmental factors, whereas another
author argues that addictions is purely neurologically and biologically triggered, or
possibly even that an individual is born into an addictive personality. I will be using these
two articles to analyze the different perspectives, methods, experiments and treatment
options on individuals who suffer from drug addictions. This paper will analyze how drug
addictions are indeed a psychological state of mind and are also genetically predisposed
on certain individuals.
Drug addiction has become more common throughout the years, primarily in
teens. According to Pering’s article, addictions are already wired into individuals at birth,
and it is only a mater of time for that individual to get exposed to their addiction- in this
case a drug- and for them to try it just once, for them to become hooked. Take for
example, a mother who while bearing her child exposes her womb to cocaine. The child
is already predisposed to be highly addicted to the drug, and when born crave the drug
until he or she can consume the drug, where then the child becomes addicted. This
addiction occurs because the child (a) is born with an addictive personality, because
addictions are passed genetically or (b) the child is addicted to cocaine because of the
mother who chose to do cocaine during her pregnancy, therefore making the child pre-
addicted. Also another point that arises is the fact that there is already a sense of
dependence on a drug in a person’s brain, and it is only a matter of time that the
individual will be triggered to begin craving a drug, and later become addicted, because
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