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Lecture 3

LAW 722 Lecture Notes - Lecture 3: Externality, Canadian Content, Domestic Violence

Law and Business
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LAW 722
Avner Levin

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From inception (1976) to 2015 seasons
Sports is a business
In '76 it was more a game then a business but now it has changed
It is a good business
Came back on 2009
Opened team in Vancouver
Expended coast to coast
Something everyone can latch on to
Unites all classes / races/ religions
Put the Team on the Map
How can we make the community proud
Blue Jays has not had a lot success
Sports has a clalencene effect
Players give back
They get to where they need to go (insert charity)
They do not get credit for what they do
Players a maligned
Winning teams have good ownership
Committed and do everything that is possible to win
Ownership is never been given enough credit
Blue Jay - president
He wants to watch the commercial from the US
American commercial is what we all like watch
Canadian content will be hurt
These commercials are already available elsewhere so it's not so cut and dry
People want to watch
What is the government role?
It will affect Canadian content
But he still wants to watch them
He thinks there are by products
Recent changes to CRTC is it reasonable allows American commercial bands
local advert during that time slot
They were going to start sport booking in Winsor
Black socks
Betting and throwing of games
First rule in commissionaire's office is gambling
He believes that the integrity of the game would be in question
Thinks betting on the game will affect the integrity
Prevalence of addictive gamblers
Families are hurt
Negative externalities
Addiction - Gambling
It is the big amounts of gambling that would risk the game
Works for it for them but not in baseball
NFL and NBA has it
Gambling is a donation to government
He thinks it's about raising tax revenue
Single Game gambling bill, he opposed.
Paul Beeston
February 5, 2015
3:26 PM
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