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MTH 510 LAB 1

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MTH 510
Silvana Ilie

MTH 510 - Lab 1 - Fall 2012 Matlab Intro Type each of the following commands into the Matlab command window, followed by ’enter’: x=3^2+2*1 Up arrow ; x y=x^2 Y=2 z=-2^2 z=(-2)^2 pi A=[3,4,5;1,1,1] A(1,2) A(1,:) A(:,2) A’ b=[0,1,2] A*b A*b’ sqrt(b) B=[1,1,1;2,2,2;3,3,3] B^2 B*B B.^2 who whos clear t=-2:2 t=linspace(-2,2,5) t=linspace(-2,2,9) t=-2:0.5:2 w=t.^3 plot(t,w) t=-2:0.01:2 w=t.^3 plot(t,w) title(’plot of w’) xlabel(’t’) ylabel(’w’) 1 Example 1 (See also Exercise 2.16 and Table 2.1) Suppose the terminal velocity of bungee jumpers is measured and the following data is collected m(kg) 83.6 60.2 72.1 91.1 92.9 vt(m=s) 53.4 48.5 50.9 55.7 54 A(m )2 0.454 0.401 0.453 0.485 0.532 Here m is the mass of the bungee jumpert v his/her terminal velocity, and A the jumper’s frontal area. (a) Using g = 9:81m=s and ▯ = 1:225kg=m , compute the dimensionless drag coefficient 2mg CD = ▯Avt for each jumper. (b) Find the average, min and max value oD C . (c) Plot A as a function of m, anD as a function of A. Example 2 (See also Exercise 3.11) The volume V of li
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