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Ryerson University
Mechanical Engineering
MEC 322
Krishnan Venkatakrishnan

DefinitionMetrologyFrom greek metron Measure and logy is a science of measurementMetrology includes all theoretical and practical aspect of measurementWhat has allowed the development of modern manufacturing is the concept of interchangeable partsMetrology is the science of measurementIn modern manufacturing the design engineer designs each part to a certain dimension and tolerance in order that the parts will function togetherMetrology is used by the manufacturing engineer to measure that the parts are within toleranceDimensions and TolerancesFactors that determine the performance of a manufactured product other than mechanical and physical properties includeDimensions linear or angular sizes of a component specified on the part drawingTolerances allowable variations from the specified part dimensions that are permitted in manufacturingA dimensionis a numerical value expressed in appropriate units of measure and indicated on a drawing and in other documents along with lines symbols and notes to define the size or geometr
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