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Lecture 1

MHR 405 Lecture Notes - Lecture 1: Presenteeism, Job Performance, Job Satisfaction

Human Resources
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MHR 405
Frank Miller

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Chapter 2- Individual Behaviour, Personality and Values
MARS Model of Individual Behaviour
and and
Motivation- the forces within a person that affects his or her direction, intensity and persistence
of voluntary behaviour
Ability- the natural aptitudes and learned capabilities (skills and knowledge) required to
successfully complete a task
Role Perceptions- how much a person understands the job duties assigned or expected of them
Situational Factors- the conditions beyond the employee’s immediate control that constrain or
facilitate behaviour and performance
Task Performance- the goal directed behaviours under the individual’s control that support
organizational objectives
Organizational Citizenship Behaviours (OBCs)- various forms of cooperation and helpfulness to
others that support the organization’s social and psychological content
Counterproductive Work Behaviours (CWBs)- voluntary behaviours that have the potential to
directly or indirectly harm the organization
Joining and Staying w the Organization- hiring and retaining talent
Maintaining Work Attendance-
Presenteeism- attending scheduled work when one’s capacity to perform is significantly
diminished by illness or other factors: not good, can get other ppl sick or worse themselves
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