MHR 405 Lecture Notes - Knowledge Sharing, Policy

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Published on 14 Mar 2014
March 14.2014
Class 9 Power and Influence
What is power?
- Power is the capacity to influence meaning someone can have the power and not formally use
to influence others or get other to engage in a specific behaviour
- One person is dependent on another person to get something done
- Power is thought as top down of leaders to employees but this is not always the case as there
are situations where people are looking to influence upward laterally
- Importance of resource that people are engaging in, when the resources are scarce we are
more likely to see power relations emerge
- Peoples performance is more dependant in an organizational setting especially when they are
scarce resources involved (i.e.) bonuses
Position Power (formal)
Legitimate: role that you have (i.e.) having the title manager, boss, etc.
Reward: having the ability to provide rewards by getting people to engage in the behaviour you
Coercive: people are complying because they are afraid or don’t want the outcome and the
boss is threatening them and to reduce that threat employees are complying
Personal Power (Informal)
Expert: having knowledge, being an expert in something and someone else needs that
knowledge, making it visible so people know you have that specific piece of knowledge and to
talk about it
Referent: identification and having charisma means that people identify with you, they want to
be like you and they like you, developing people skills work on engaging with others, learning
information about others and sharing that info with them and improve relationships with workers
and peers. People with high referent power are more likely to be sincere in rewarding people
*You do not need to have any form of formal power to have informal power*
Consequence of Power
Coercive power: has most resistance where you threaten employees all the time
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