MHR 405 Lecture Notes - Lecture 2: Negative Affectivity, Rede Ferroviária Nacional, Organizational Commitment

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Published on 5 Oct 2015
MHR 405 – Organizational Behaviour Lecture 2 September, 9th 2014
-What is an attitude?
oAn overall evaluation of an attitude object
-Why study attitudes?
oBecause so many important phenomena are attitudes
oHow we feel or think about our work or why we work? This thinking ties
back to attitudes, we can predict from job attitudes who might decide to
stay or leave an organization – knowing something about someones
attitude allows us to predict
-What is the nature of an attitude?
oTypically formed in memory; once formed, relatively enduring and
difficult to change
oEverything associated to an attitude is going to be relevant to us,
stimulates associations to other people, helps us interpret and predict
oLets say you formed an attitude about dogs, you may not like dogs very
much you had a personal experience, difficult to change – instead you
heard about a bad incident, you’re able to change because it didn’t happen
to you – anything thats important to us is difficult to change
-Components of an attitude
oCognitive Component
Your beliefs
How I feel towards the environment
oAffective component
Your feelings, emotions
How valued I feel about working with a organization
oBehavioral component
Your past behavior and/or your behavioural intentions
Because of the cognitive component, I work extra hard or put in
more work because I really like working with this org
-Does attitude affect behavior?
oResearch reveals that the relationship is weak and complicated
oAttitudes -> behavioural intentions
oBehavioural intentions -> behavior
oOur attitude helps predict how we intent to behave how we want to behave
oOur behavioural intentions actually predict our behavior
-That’s not all:
oBehavioural Intentions Behaviour
oRelation moderated by: (Situational and Personal Factors)
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