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Lecture 6

MHR 505 Lecture Notes - Lecture 6: Handcuffs, Reward System, Agreeableness

Human Resources
Course Code
MHR 505
Frank Miller

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The Cerjugo case based on the manufacturing and distribution companies failed
expansion into a new industry presents the existence of various symptoms of the root
cause. The symptoms identified are the foundational to the root causes in the overall
problem and are present in all levels of the organizational structure. The existing
symptoms is the misguided motivation, unknowledgable staff and a fear of job security.
One of the symptoms prevalent in this case is lack of employee motivation existing in
multiple departments within the company, including upper level management; motivation
is vital to an organization success because it encourages employees to meet and
exceed goals.
Another symptom is employee’s lack of knowledge and understanding about the
product. Selling any product requires an understanding of the product because this
helps to transfer useful and quality information to the customer that can bring an
increase in product sales. Sales associates are the channel for marketing a product
and the manner they translate the product can affect how a customer perceives the
Also, dramatically increased turnovers rates in the sales force, questionable job
stability, causes employees to stress and a competitiveness among employees; and
unable to attain the sales forecast, goal’s established need to be attainable and if not
attained, reduces motivation. Lastly, disputes about company decisions between
members of upper management, decisions they make affect the whole company, so
agreeableness and unity with the final decision should bring benefits to all the
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