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MHR 523 Lecture Notes - Employer Branding

Human Resources
Course Code
MHR 523
Margaret Yap

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Chapter 6 ± Recruitment
Recruitment ± process of searching out & attracting qualified job applicants, which begins with the
identification of a position that requires staffing & is completed when resumes &/ completed application
forms are received from adequate number of applicants
1. Identify job openings ± HR planning/strategic plan & employment resignations/terminations
2. Specific job requirements ± from job description/specification
3. Select methods of recruitment ± internal/external
4. Generate pool of qualified applicants ± employment equity/diversity goals
Constraints: promote from within policies, compensation policies, employment equity plans,
inducements of competitors, skill shortages
Recruit from Within
Advantages ± enhance commitment, morale, performance, less likely to leave, long-term
perspective, more accurate assessment, less orientation
Recruiter ± specialist in recruitment, whose job it is to find & attract capable candidates
Employer branding - image/impression of organization as employer based on benefits of being employed
by organization
- What candidates experience when go to company website
- Whether HR sends acknowledgement letter/email tanking each candidate who sends in resume
- How candidates greeted by receptionist when make initial contact by phone/in person
- Whether HR person interviewing candidates is good spokesperson who can articulate
1. Define target audience, where to find, what they want from employer
2. Develop employee value proposition, specific reasons why organization is unique place to work &
more attractive than other organizations
3. Communicate brand by incorporating value proposition into all recruitment efforts
Internal Recruit
Job posting ± process of notifying current employees about vacant positions
Advantages ± equal opportunity, reduce favouritism, commitment to career growth &
development, communicates policies on transfer/promotion
Disadvantage ± reduce morale & motivation, tension between candidates, difficult decision
between equally qualified candidates
External advantages
- Generation of larger pool of qualified candidates, may have positive impact on quality of selection
- Availability of more diverse applicant pool, assist in meeting employment equity goals &
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