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Human Resources
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Tsogbadral Galaabaatar

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Seminar Assignment # 5
1. If I were the general manager, I would be extremely disappointed in Garfield's actions and
would demand him to smarten up. I would set up a meeting to go over ground rules regarding the
importance of health and safety. Since workplace injuries are a huge cost, I would remind Gar
that the company cannot afford to lose money and that if he did not follow company policy he
would be fired immediately. I would also go over the federal and provincial safety regulations to
ensure Gar will fully understand the importance of keeping the employees healthy. As for the
workers, I would tell them that they are also at fault. The employees should know that wearing a
mask is a necessity and should be worn at all times if they want to live healthily. I would go
through the same process I did with Gar and go over safety regulations so that the workers know
that proper uniform should be worn at all times. Therefore, I would be very disappointed at Gar
and would tell him that if any of the workers were to get ill, it would not only be the employees
fault but the workers as well.
2. After this incident, I would definitely allow Sam to discipline those workers who violate the
safety rules. Since Sam is the manager of safety and security it would make sense. Due to the
fact that Gar is clearly not an adequate manager at this time, the workers should listen to Sam as
well because he is the best person to know about health and safety at a workplace. Sam should
tell the workers that even when Sam or Gar is not around, they should know that wearing their
goggles, shoes etc. is a necessity at all times and no one should have to tell them to put them on.
As the general manager, I would apologize to Sam for not making him discipline the workers
earlier as he would be the obvious candidates to do so. I would also remind him that for any
reason that the workers get ill from not wearing their goggles, shoes, or acid resistant gloves, it
would not be his fault.
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