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17 Apr 2012

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Chapter Fifteen: Fair Treatment
MHR Notes
Competitive advantage employees must be motivated and engaged in pursuing organizational goals
Distributive justice fairness of a decision outcome
Procedural justice fairness of the process used to make a decision
Interactional justice fairness in interpersonal interactions by treating others with dignity and respect
Employee engagement positive, fulfilling, work related state of mind characterized by vigor, dedication and
Sr Management Interest
Reputation for social responsibility
Employee input to decision-making
Opportunity to improve skills, capabilities
Understanding of career track
To ensure effective employee communication, ensure suggestions programs, employee opinion surveys and
communication from management.
Layoff refers to the temporary withdrawal of employment to workers for economic or business reasons
Downsizing refers to the process of reducing, usually dramatically, the number of people employed by the
Survivors are those employees who remain after a layoff or downsizing
Group termination laws refer to laws that require an employer to notify employees in the event that an
employer decides to terminate a group of employees
Dismissal - Involuntary termination of employment
Insubordination - Wilful disregard or disobedience of the boss’s authority or legitimate orders
Wrongful Dismissal - An employee dismissal that does not comply with the law or with a written or implied
contractual arrangement
Constructive Dismissal - Changes made to the employment contract that are unacceptable to the employee,
even though s/he has not been terminated. An employee who believes he/she has been constructively
dismissed can sue the employer for constructive dismissal.
Discipline is a procedure intended to correct an employee’s behaviour when a rule or procedure has been
Productivity, best ideas
Commitment to success
Better service quality,
customer satisfaction,
Fulfills a basic human need
to make a significant
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