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17 Apr 2012

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Chapter Six: Recruitment
MHR Notes
Employee branding the image or impression of an organization as an employer based on the
perceived benefits of being employed by the organization
Recruitment the process of searching out and attracting qualified job applicants, which begins
with the identification of a position that requires staffing and is completed when
resumes and/or application forms are received from an adequate number of
The Recruitment Process
1. Identify job openings
2. Specify job requirements
3. Select methods of recruitment (internal vs. external)
4. Generate pool of qualified candidates
Internal Recruitment Methods: Job Postings, Human Resources Records, Skills Inventories
Job posting the process of notifying current employees about vacant positions
Human resource records often consulted to ensure that qualified individuals are notified, in
person, of vacant positions
Skills inventories a reference tool, ensures that qualified internal candidates are identified
and considered for transfer or promotion when opportunity rises
Yield ratio the percentage of applicants that proceed to the next stage in the selection proess
External Recruitment Methods: online recruiting, print ads, private employment agencies,
executive search firms, educational institutions, open houses,
job fairs, etc.
The following are methods to create a diverse workforce:
Contract workers employees who develop work relationships directly with the employer for a
specific type of work or period of time
Attracting older workers since workforce is aging, employers are encouraging retirement-age
employees to stay with the company or actively recruit employees
who are at or beyond retirement age. Older workers typically have
high job satisfaction, strong sense of loyalty, organizational
commitment, stronger work ethic, good people skills, and willingness
to work in variety of roles
Attracting younger employees many firms are recognizing the benefits of a multigenerational
workforce. The young bring energy, enthusiasm and physical
Recruiting designated group members alternative publications targeting at designated group
members should be considered when advertising
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