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Lecture 2

MHR 741 Lecture Notes - Lecture 2: Cognitive Style, Procedural Justice

Human Resources
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MHR 741
Genevieve Farrell

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Interpersonal Dynamics and Teams
Week 3 Notes
Values and Cognitive Style
Values enduring, long-lasting beliefs that a specific way of conducting/behaving or end
state of existence is personally or socially preferable to an opposite or converse mode of
conduct or end state of existence
o Stable, evaluative beliefs that guide our preferences
o Define right or wrong, good or bad
o Foundation for attitudes and personal preferences
o Help to define morality and ethics
People often lack awareness of their values or take them for granted people do not
realize which ones are important and not important to themselves
Instrumental values represent the acceptable behaviours to be used in achieving some
end state; methods to achieve goals; honesty, politeness, courage
Terminal values represent the goals to be achieved or the end states of existence;
happiness, salvation, prosperity
Cognitive style an individual’s inclination to perceive, interpret, and respond to
information in a certain way
Knowing style: emphasize facts, details, and data; focus on logic
Planning style: emphasize structure, preparation, and planning; focus on rules and
Creating style: emphasize experimentation, non-rational thinking, and creativity; focus
on brainstorming and spontaneity
Ethical Decision Making and Values
Ethical behaviour acting in ways consistent with one’s personal values and the
commonly held values of the organization and society
Most managers feel they are under pressure to compromise standards to meet
company goals
Conflict between maximizing economic and social performance
Standards for Ethical Decision-Making
Front page test
o Would I be embarrassed if my decision to do something was on the front page of
a newspaper
Golden rules test
o Would I be willing to be treated in the same way
Dignity and liberty test
o Are the dignity and liberty of others preserved or destroyed by my decision
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