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module 3

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MKT 100
Paul Finlayson

Module 3: Social Responsibility Codes of Ethics Company codes of ethics in practice • emphasizes honesty, truthfulness in comm w/ consumers,& avoidance of immoral practices. • ethical dilemmas arise during implementation of marketing strategy d/ • Cutting ethical corners is approved and even encouraged to make the pitch, the sale double standard = whistleblowers have careers ended = Pepsi and Coke • ethical accountability nazi • Ethical behaviour in trading requires that both the buyer and seller behave ethically not take a stand is to sell out one’s values, self-respect and soul. • ethics ombudsman - someone senior in the organization managers can go to and receive a sympathetic hearing Highlights of the Canadian Marketing Association Code of Ethics • Not disseminate unsolicited material • not exploitation of any person or group ( race, colour, ethnicity, religion) or competitor • must be clear and truthful not mislead or deceive consumers • not misrepresent a product • realize the age group being marketed to (kids, teenagers) • portrayal must accurately and fairly describe the product • data referred to must be reliable, accurate and current and must support claim • avoid undercover or word-of-mouth marketing initiatives • genuine bills, invoices or government documents must not be used. • guarantee for repair, replacement, refund or other remedy must be honoured promptly. A Personal Ethics Checklist • Ethical vigilance - paying attention to whether one’s actions are right or wrong - The set we espouse and want others to apply in their behaviour toward us, and The code of ethics that, for whatever rationalizations, we actually live by. Understanding Marketing Ethics • ethical codes break down, societies cease to function and ultimately collapse • trade in a society and profit from trade have social and moral obligation to accept general ethical rules of society • D
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