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Lecture 6

MKT 100 Lecture 6: Week 3 Metrics - Market Share and Market Analysis

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MKT 100
Yanina Chevtchouk

MKT100- Week 3 Lecture Market Share and Market Analytics Market Share: • the percentage of a market accounted by a specific entity (how much you own of the buy) • gives a mean for understanding relative performance • unit market share: the units sold by a particular company as a percentage of total market sales, measured in the same units (against everyone) • revenue market share: revenue market shares differs from unit market share in that it reflects the prices at which goods are sold (against everyone) • relative market share: indexes a firms or a brands market share against that of its leading competitor. It is used to assess a forms or a brands success and its position in the market. (comparing yourself with a specific brand/company) Unit Market Share (%) = Unit Sales (#) / Total Market unit sales (#) x100 Revenue Market Share (%) = Sales Revenue ($) / Total Market Revenue ($) x 100 Relative Market Share (I) = Brand’s Market Share ($,#) (Unit sold) / Largest Competitors Market Share ($,#) Mar
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