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Lecture 11

MKT 100 Lecture 11: MKT 100 Week 12 Notes

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Ryerson University
MKT 100
Hamed Mehrabi

Marketing Week 12 Lecture/Textbook Notes Integrated Marketing Communications • about combining different forms of different communication techniques to generate sales • deliver a consistent, clear and compelling company product IMC Components • the consumer or target market • channels of communication • evaluation of results Communication Process • decoding - make sure consumers have the same interpretation of messages IMC Tools • advertising - paid placement of a message in the media; identified sponsor, non- personal communication, newspapers, magazines, television, ratio and outdoor signs • personal selling - personal presentation by a firm’s sales force; most effective, but very expensive; for the purpose of making sales and building customer relationships; sales calls, telemarketing • sales promotions - short-term incentives; stimulate purchase; coupons, deals, premiums, samples, loyalty programs, pop displays, rebates • public relations - free placement of a message in the media; on-going process of building good relations with the company’s various publics by obtaining favourable publicity, building a good corporate image, handling stories or events, heading off unfavourable rumours; media relations, news releases, price hits, annual reports • direct marketing - direct communications carefully targeted to individual consumers an/or business; designed to generate a response; direct mail, catalogue, direct response TV, kiosk, personal selling; targeting motivates an action, is measurable and can provide information for a marketing database • electronic media - websites, blogs, social media, mobile apps Advertising, Sales Promotions and Personal Selling • advertising - paid form of communication; delivered through media; from an intangible source AIDA Model • attention (think) - senders first must gain the attention of the consumer; a multichannel approach increases the likelihood that the message will be received; even though a consumer might see the company’s advertisement, might not catch attention • interest (feel) - after the customer is aware, they must be persuaded; customer must want to further investigate product or service (top-of-mind awareness); once the consumer is aware that the company and product exists, still might not believe it is worth investigating further desire (feel) - move consumers from interest to desire; consumer might like the • product, but need further convincing that they want it • action (do) - act on desire to purchase; still might take several more exposures to the advertisement to prompt action and a purchase The Lagged Effect • advertising does not always have an immediate impact • multiple exposures are often necessary difficult to determine which exposure led to purchase • Advertising Objectives • inform - introduction new products; effective in introductory stage of the product life cycle • persuade - becomes more important as competition increases; comparative advertising is effective in maturity stage • remind - most important for mature products Informative Advertising • telling the market about a new product • suggesting new ones for a product • informing the market of a price change • explaining how the product works • describing available services • correcting false impressions • reducing consumers’ fears • building a company image Persuasive Advertising • building brand preference encouraging switching to your brand • • chasing customers’ perception of product attributes (brand reposition) • persuading consumer to purchase now Reminder Advertising • reminding consumers that the product may be needed in the nearest future • reminding consumers where to buy it • keeping it in consumers’ mind during off-seasons • maintaining its top-of-mind awareness Sales Promotions • special incentives tha
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