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Lecture 4

Marketing Ethics week 4.docx

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Ryerson University
MKT 100
David Schlanger

Marketing Ethics  Creating Ethical Climate in The Workplace  Value  Establish  Share  Understand  Rules  Management commitment  Employee dedication  Controls  Reward  Punishment  Why people act unethically  What makes people take actions that create so much harm?  Are all the individuals who engage in questionable behaviour just plain immoral or unethical?  Decisions often have conflicting outcome, where both options have positive and negative consequences.  Corporate Social Responsibility  The voluntary actions taken by a company to address the ethical, social and environmental impacts of its business operations and the concerns of its stakeholders.  can you think of any companies who practice CSR? What do they do?  Does socially responsible behaviour imply ethical behaviour?  look at figure exhibit 17.3- ethics versus social responsibility  Understanding marketing ethics  Utility Principle  "ethical behaviour" is the behaviour that produces the greatest good ( the most good for the most people) in a specific situation.  Categorical impe
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