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MKT 100
Laila Rohani

Chapter 14 Notes - Chapter 14/15= 20% of final exam Integrated mkt communications: Communication with consumers: (communication process) Noises from the environment along with feedback - Sender (firm) - Transmitter encodes message - Communicate the message (media) - Consumer receives and decodes message Integrated marketing communication tools: 1. Advertising: - Effective at creating awareness/ generating interesting - Most visible element of integrated mkt communication (IMC) 2. Personal Selling - Some products require help of salesperson - More expensive than other forms of promotion - Salespeople can add value which makes the expense worth it - These people know most about price, commission and are very knowledgeable 3. Sales Promotion - Aimed at both end user consumers or channel members - Rebate: mostly done by manufacturer - Premium: - Coupon: mostly done by retailer - Used in conjunction with other forms of IMC 4. Direct marketing - Personal selling - Direct mail - Kiosk: similar to vending machine. Ex: customize your own laptop from virgin mobile - Direct response TV: infomercials - Catalogue - Characteristics: targeted, motivates action, measurable, can provide info for mkt database 5. Electronic media: - Websites - Blogs - Social media 6. Public Relations: - Consumers becoming smarter (skeptical about mkt, PR becomes more important) - “free” media attention - Importance of PR grown as cost of other media increased Steps to plan an integrated mkt communication campaign 1. Identify target audience - Tone of message, inform persuade remind, mass/niche media(mass media if big market, niche market if specialized and small target market), tracking(survey on how target market responds), generate awareness(let target market try product), appe
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