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Lecture 4


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MKT 100
Mary Foster

MKT100 MARY FOSTER WEEK 4: FEBRUARY 6, 2013 Ansoff's Matrix - Growth Strategies (4 questions) Marketing penetration ie. identify the tactics that they would employ If they are trying to get current users to buy more, they might conduct sales/promotions (market penetration; use marketing mix) embark on promotion program, texts or emails offering them deals Marketing development Getting more people that wasn't using your services to use it Where to get new customers? From competitors and people who don't use the product Rogers would try to get customers from Bell, Fido, Kudoo, Telus or people who don't have cell phones (seniors) How to get whole bunch of customers that are currently signed up with someone else? Buy company, Shaw Product Development What can Rogers do? When a new phone comes out, offer it to customers asap!! (ie. Blackberry Z10) Offering new products to current customers so they won't leave People leave when they are "dissatisfied" with their product or when another company offers a new product they you might find attractive Diversification Start to develop a new product … smartphone manufacturer Risks: unknown environment, no experience, bound to make mistakes, unknown products (no one knows that you are selling that), a lot of competitiors that already made their name in the product market Metrics 3: Market Share and Market Analysis Usually has 2 brands dominating the market … ie. Owned by Windows Operating Systems: almost monopoly Vast majority of market is owned by Windows *MIDTERM!!** Herfindahl is based on market share, we take the market share, turn it into a fraction, and then square it then add it up! Concentrated market if >- 0.18 Beware of zeros! ie. Firm's market position relative to the largest competitor Revenue/Largest competitor's market share Relative market share of A-One (Revenue) = 187,500,000/375,000,000 = 0.5 MKT100 MARY FOSTER WEEK 4: FEBRUARY 6, 2013 Calculating Unit and Revenue Market Shares for the automakers: Unit Market Share (%) = Unit Sales (#)/Total Market Unit Sales (#) Revenue Market Share (%) = Sales Revenue ($)/Total Market Revenue ($) Identifies who the big players are in the mark
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