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MKT 100
Anthony Francescucci

Levels of Strategic Business Functional > Environmental > Corporate Relative market share –your sales for your product divided by the sales of the largest competitor of the product in the same industry (Comparison). Annual Market Growth Rate – What percentage do you expect the industry to grow in the next year. High Low High STARS ??????? (mkt growth rate) CASH COW DOGS LOW Growth Strategies Market Penetration –figuring out how to get existing customers to get more of the product more often Market Development – Developing new z markets for existing products (global marketing) Product Development – New product or service to existing customers Diversification – New product or service for new customers Sustainable Competitive Advantage - Customer Excellence – Retaining loyal customers - Operational Excellence – Efficient operations, excellent supply chain management. - Product Excellence – Achieving effective branding and positioning. - Location Excellence – Companies develop advantage based on their location in the market place (Timmies, Starbucks) Situation Analysis Framewor
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