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MKT 100
Anthony Francescucci

GROUP RESEARCH PROJECT (25%): Working in teams of 3-5 students, you will select/be assigned one HR topic to research from the HR Topic Chart below. You will pick two organizations and will interview one HR professional/administrator from each of the selected two organizations (two individuals in total). PART 1: Group Project Work Plan: (To be submitted in class 4). The OBJECTIVES of Part One are that upon completion, you will: • Have submitted and received feedback on a written group project work plan. The work plan will outline your interview strategy with the two individuals you have selected who are responsible for the HR function/topic your team is researching, ideally HR professionals. • Have outlined your proposed research topic areas and your research methodology (how you are conducting your research and where. • Be able to function more effectively as a team, through the process of having worked together early in the term on a small assignment. Detailed instructions for Part 1: 1. You will submit a typed group project work plan (double spaced,12 point font, 2-3 pages maximum ), as follows: - your proposed research topic area. - the names of the two organizations being researched - the names of the two individuals being interviewed and their titles. - your interview plan (at least 15 proposed interview questions) - the work distribution of your group (who will be doing what components) - your peer evaluation methodology/criteria, signed and agreed to by all group members (see guidelines and template to be used posted on blackboard course site). - where you expect to obtain relevant research information on your topic Use the chapter in your textbook for your topic as a guide to organize your interview questions. Include lead questions at the start that explore the broader strategic and organizational details of the organization (e.g. main strategic goals/constraints, structure, size, unionized, demographics, size of HR department, who top HR person and person being interviewed reports to). Note: please staple the material together, no folders, binders are required. Group Project Topics: 1 of 10 Team Topic Team 1: Job Design & Analysis Team 2: Human Resources Planning (HRP) Team 3: Employee Recruitment Team 4: Orientation Team 5: Training and Development Team 6: Performance Management Team 7: Career Development Team 8: Compensation (direct payment & incentives) Team 9: Employee Benefits and Services Team 10: Occupational Health & Safety Team 11: Effective Labour/Employee Relations Team 12 Workplace Diversity Team 13 Employee Selection PART 2: Final Written Report and in class presentation (25%) The OBJECTIVES of Part Two are that upon completion, you will: • Have researched how two organizations manage ONE of their major HR functions/processes • Have compared, contrasted and critiqued the HR function/process of the two organizations based on material in the text and your literature search (minimum 10 articles post 2000, from scholarly HR journals) Internet website research does not count towards the 10 articles required. • Have deepened your knowledge of a major HR function/process • Have conducted both field and academic research following project guidelines INSTRUCTIONS 1. Schedule your interviews with the two HR professional/ administrators and once you have received feedback on your HR Project Work Plan conduct the interview as a team. Note: Each team member should particip
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