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MKT 100
Marla Spergel

nSOC103 HOW SOCIETY WORKS WINTER 2014Lower Level Liberal Prof Camille HernandezRamdwar323 Jorgenson Hall Dept Of Sociology4169795000 X4193chernandryersonca Office Hours Mondays 11am12pm Thursdays 12pmNB I will only respond to emails from a Ryerson email addressCalendar DescriptionSOC103HowSocietyWorksThiscourseprovidesanintroductiontosomeofthemajorissuesinsociologyItexamineshowsocietiescomeintoexistencehowtheyareorganizedandmaintainedandhowtheychangeThemajorsociologicalperspectivesareusedtounderstandtherelationshipbetweencultureinstitutionsandsocialbehaviourtheprocessofsocializationglobalizationandthepoliticaleconomicstructureofCanadiansocietyandtheresultingsocialinequalitiesofclassraceandgenderSOC 103isnotavailableforcredittostudentswhochooseSOC11ABorSOC111orSOC112SOC104orSOC 105orSOC 107LLLect3hrsAntirequisitesSOC11BSOC 104SOC 105SOC 111RestrictionUP001EC001EC003NU001NU002NU003CY001CY002CourseWeight100BillingUnits1Course ReaderSchaefer R and Haaland B 2011 Sociology A Brief Introduction Fourth Canadian Edition Whitby ON McGrawHill Ryerson Available in the Ryerson BookstoreCourse Policies1The use of electronic devices in the class is forbidden unless required by Access Centre Students are required to take notes using a pen and paper All cellphones must be turned off before class begins Anyone texting during class or answering their phone will be required to immediately leave the class2Students are required to attend weekly lectures and tutorials and to come to classes each week prepared to discuss the weeks readings3 Students are required to a attend weekly tutorials b participate in group tutorial presentations Students who miss tutorials due to absence from class will not be offered any opportunities for makeup marks This is a policy of this course and there are no exceptions 4 All students must complete all writing assignments in order to pass the course 5 Students must inform me of an absence from an exam or inability to meet an essay deadline prior to the examdeadline or within three days postexamdeadline with
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