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MKT 100
Mary Foster

81According to the sales module what percentage of time spent with customers is high sales force efficiency50Creative winwin process improvements give the trading relationship a differentiation that benefitsBoth the buyer and the sellerWhat is the first principle of sales managementBoth A and BWhat are the characteristics of successful order gettersAll of the aboveWhich of the following is an objective of personal sellingAll of the aboveWhich of the following statement is true for bridging as described in the sales moduleBoth B and CWhich of the following statement is true for logrolling as described in the sales moduleBoth A and BWhich of the following is NOT a relationship selling tacticThey all are all a relationship selling tacticWhich of the following statements is NOT true for salespeopleBoth C and DWhat might be the objectives if a salesforce calls on retail accountsAll of the above82The oldfashioned geographical sales territory is often still preferred over other sales organizational structures designed around customers or products becauseIt offers the firm the greatest control at a lower costRegardless of the approach used to organize the sales force which of the following environmental realities must be recognized by the selling firm The competition in the marketWhat may occur if firms do not handle the redefining of the salespersons role in the new age of team sellingBoth A and BA seller in a highgrowth market faces particular problems such asA B and DWhat are the characteristics of EDI electronic data interchangeAll of the aboveThe use of technology such as 800 service call numbers cell phones home Internet access to account records and to members of a sales support team hasBoth A and C
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