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Marketing lecture 2

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MKT 100
Caitlin Smith

- A business has a problem o Root causes > symptoms o Look for the root cause instead of attempting to rid yourself of the symptoms or else they will recur - Problem or Symptoms of the Problem o No New Products  Smaller existing orders  Low employee morale  No new orders  Outdated equipment  Ineffective advertising - Analyzing the situation – 5 C o Company o Collaborators o Customers o Competitors o Climate - Analyzing the company o Products o Image o Experience o Culture o Goals  You don’t have to follow a certain order, these should just be consider - Analyzing Collaborators o Distributors o Suppliers o Alliances - Analyzing Customers o Market size, growth, trends o Segments and benefits sought & decision process o Frequency, Quantity, Motivation - Analyzing Competitors o Actual or potential o Direct or indirect o Products o Positioning o Market Share Politiics Economics Pest - Political Legal o Government policies, structures, and regulations o Political trends o Taxation issues
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