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Lecture 2

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MKT 100
Caitlin Mc Laughlin

Chapter 2 Continued- Market Orientation Slide 1- Ansoff’s Matrix Existing Products New Products Existing Marketers Market Penetration- Product Development- Allows you to take offering a new product to advantage when the increase marketability to market is growing to increase consumer lower the cost per unit awareness, extend to different paths of business New Markets Market Development- Diversification- making a Developing a new market large investment to develop a product in a completely new market; risky can be “related diversification” and “unrelated diversification” where their expertise is irrelevant to the development of their products Group Work- Analyzing Corus Case Ansoff’s Matrix Market Penetration: The developed “Assure” when the demand for the sterilized products for the different sectors and industries like food doors, walls etc. It would be benefit them by increasing their profits, because without a second distributor Corus would be able to target their market Market Development: Their new product would be able to target a new market like t
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