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MKT 100
Tina West

Marketing week 9 – Segmenting, Targeting and Postitioning (Part 2) Formulas: Breakeven Breakeven in units - Operating expenditures (Fixed Costs) [Per unit Revenue (SP) – per unit Variable Costs (VC)]* Categorize into *(also called unit Contribution Margin) Identify Fixedand Capitalts Identify Revenue per Costs Investment Va(COGS) Costunit (Selling (DONCI)include Price) Breakeven in dollars - Breakeven in units x per unit Revenue (SP) Business Objective example ) You are in charge of a fundraiser for your RMA, and have decided to sell mugs to raise money from sept – nov (13 weeks) and want to There are 3 sets of data… - Fixed costs (operating expenses) raise $1050, for the winter case competition. a) How much revenue must you collect to breakeven? - Variable costs (per unit) - Revenue (per unit) b) How many mugs must be sold to reach goal? c) Is goal realistic? Bases for segmentation (GooDPUB) Behavioural Segmentation - Geographic - Occasions: based on occasions when need is developed Region, City Size, Climate, Culture, Urban/rural - Benefits: based on benefits sought
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