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INTRODUCTION TO MICROECONOMICS: AP/ECON 1000 3.0 A (S1) SUMMER SEMESTER 2012 DEPARTMENT OF ECONOMICS, FACULTY OF LIBERAL ARTS AND PROFESSIONAL STUDIES, YORK UNIVERSITY COURSE OUTLINE Course Instructor: Sadia Mariam Malik Office: 1094 Vari Hall Phone: 416-736-2100 ext. 20532 Email: [email protected] Class Lecture Time: Mondays and Wednesdays (11:30 am – 2:30 pm) Lecture Venue: ACW 109 Office Hours: Tuesdays and Thursdays – 1:00–2:00 pm and by appointment Course Objectives This course will familiarize students with the basic principles and tools of microeconomic analysis which will help them to understand what economics is all about; why it is important to study economics; what is an economic way of thinking; and how individual economic units such as consumers and firms make optimal decisions. By the end of this course, it is expected that students will have a firm understanding of the basic concepts of micro-economic analysis such as demand and supply; consumer behaviour; the behaviour of firms; costs, pricing and profit maximization strategies under different market settings; and the impact of government regulation on market incentives and production. Required Course Material 1) “Microeconomics: Canada in the Global Environment.” Seventh Edition. By Michael Parkin and Robin Bade. ISBN: 978-0-321-67841-9. Pearson 2012. 2) MyEconlab by Pearson 2012. • MyEconlab is an online homework, tutorial, and assessment system that comes packaged with the text books of both micro and macroeconomics by Parkin and Bade. So if you plan to take on Macroeconomics (Econ 1010), this package is all that you need. • Note that if you are planning to buy the used text book, you will still need to purchase the license for MyEconlab. • It is required that you make use of this important resource to organize your study, improve your understanding of key concepts and theories, learn their application to real world scenarios, and to prepare for your exams. I will use this system to assign you online quizzes from time to time in order to facilitate you to get more practice for exams. I would also suggest that you use this resource to practice on your own. There are a number of practice tests available that will 1 instruct you in case you make a mistake and will help you organize your study accordingly. • MyEconlab can be assessed online through with an access code that is provided with the purchase of the new textbook. Using your friend’s account or registering under someone else’s name will not work. You will need to create your own account. • In order to familiarize you with MyEconlab, I will arrange an orientation session in the first week of the semester. Round the clock technical support is also available with the publisher in case you experience any difficulty in using the software. Optional Course Material Study Guide accompanying the required text book by Parkin and Bade. Although the study guide is not a required text, it is entirely up to you to study it for more practice and greater understanding. Evaluation The assessment of your results in the course will be based upon one midterm exam, a final exam and online quizzes. The contribution of each of these in the final grades will be as under: Midterm Exam 30% Final Exam 50% Online Quizzes 20% Total 100% Exam Dates and Rules • Tentative date for the midterm exam is Monday, May 28, 2012. The final exam will be held in the period of June 20-22, 2012. The precise date for the final exam will be announced later. • Both midterm and final exams will consist of multiple choice questions. • No student will be allowed to write the exam prior to the scheduled date. • No student will be allowed to write the exam in order to improve the letter grade. • York University is committed to respecting the religious beliefs and practices of all members of the community. In case, any of the exam dates clash with the day of your religious observance, you are responsible for contacting me at least two weeks in advance. To arrange for an alternative date, you must complete an examination Accommodation Form available at 2 • Cheating and plagiarism are considered to be serious offences by York University. Please visit the Academic Integrity web site to read the Senate Policy on Academic Honesty. • Cell phones, electronic translators, programmable calculators, iPods, MP3 players, and other electronic devices are not permitted into exams. You will only be allowed the use of non-programmable calculator and English language dictionaries. Other permissible items to carry in exams are pens, pencils, student ID, coats and purses. Make-up Exams Policy • No make-up exams will be given for a missed midterm exam. If for any reason you miss a midterm, your final exam will have a greater weight and will count towards 80 percent of your total points earned, instead of 50 percent. • In case you miss the final exam,
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