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Lecture 4

MKT 300 Lecture Notes - Lecture 4: Tim Hortons, Brand Management, Customer Service

Course Code
MKT 300
Armand Gervais

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1. MKT 300 – Lecture 4 February 10,
Multiple choice
45 questions
o25 content/theory (2 marks each)
o20 metrics (3 marks each)
100 minutes
bring your own formula sheet one-page double sided 8.5” x 11”
Theses will be collected and not returned
Formulas are not provided
Covers all material presented in class on blackboard and in your textbook
You will need a calculator, pencil and eraser
What is branding?
How do you value a brand?
oBrand knowledge recall
oPerformance – Market share, sales, profits
oShareholder value
Why is branding so important?
oA well branded product reduces overall marketing costs if customers find the
brand valuable they will continue to buy from them
oHelps sales
oBranding allows you to charge more and maintain higher profits
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oCompetitive advantage
How has brand management changed? Hint social media
oBrand perceptions
oSingle output to multiple output (newspaper ads vs TV, newspaper, social media
oWho controls brand marketing now?
Audience controls the brands message
Consumers determine the brand messaging now
Companies are losing control over branding
What are some great Canadian brands? Why?
oTim Hortons
People have a positive feeling about
Lots of coverage
Loyal customers
Built into the Canadian culture
Good value
Satisfying customer needs
What are some failing Canadian brands? Why?
Competition (Hudson’s Bay)
Haven’t evolved to consumer needs or wants
Lack of name brands
Customer service
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find more resources at
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