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Lecture #3 + Other notes

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MKT 400
Marla Spergel

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MKT400Lecture 3Class notes The Merchants of CoolHunting for coolvideo o By discovering cool you force cool to move onto the next thingThe Merchants of CoolThe MTV MachinevideoSpeaking to teens in their own languageVideo Nicholas Christakis The hidden influence of social networks Causes of similarity and clustering o Induction o Homophile o ConfoundingEmotional contagionNetworks have value they are a kind of social capitalPencil vs diamond comparison o Both made of carbon atoms but the atoms are interconnected differently o The darkness vs clearness and softness vs hardness does not reside in the carbon atom but in interconnection of the atomsGroups of peopleties between people make the whole greater than the sum of its individual peopleSuperorganismthe collective must be studied have properties that cannot be understood by studying the individualBenefits of a connected life outweigh the costs Notes for LinkedIn responseMr Nicholas Christakis makes several valid points and one would find it extremely difficult to disagree with his theories
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