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Lecture #4 + Other notes

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MKT 400
Marla Spergel

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MKT400 Week 4 Chapter 4 Homework QuestionsNotesChapter 4 homework questions1 The chapter mentions facial recognition technology that marketers will soon use to classify shoppers in terms of their appearance so they can serve up ads that appeal to people in certain demographic categories This makes advertising more useful because it reduces the amount of irrelevant information we will seey Is there a downside to this techniquey Do you see any potential for negative applications that use for example racial profiling to decide what information consumers should receive yDo the potential benefits outweigh this issue Facial recognition technology is very powerful and provides marketers with an advanced tool There are numerous perhaps obvious potential benefits for using this technique to gather information For example a restaurant using facial recognition could identify the sex and age group of patrons and accordingly modify their menu or offer specials on specific nights directed towards the kinds of customers they are serving However there are also a few downsides to this technique As Joe McKendrick suggests facial recognition may be crucial in crimefighting and terroristspotting and overall security but employing the technology to recognize and sell to people in public spaces may be taking it a step too far httpwwwsmartplanetcomblogbusinessbrainsfacialrecognitionformarketinggoesmainstreamisthisagoodthing18204This is something I have to agree with I believe that this technology will be a privacy concern for some people and they may choose not to shop at stores or enter buildings known to use this technologyhaving a reverse effect than the one intended I also think that companies using this technology may implement racial profiling sexism etc either intentionally or unintentionally when deciding what kinds of information people should receive In my opinion the potential benefits do not outweigh the downsides of using facial recognition technology There are various alternatives marketers can use like all the techniques used before this technology was launched Referring back to the previously mentioned restaurant example an employee could easily do a head count of customers as they walked into the restaurant and still have sufficient information to customize their menus and so forth 2 Which of the needs in Maslows hierarchy do you satisfy when you participate in social networks like Facebook and MySpace How could these sites add new features to help you satisfy these needsWhen participating in social networks I believe I satisfy the ego needs and belongingness in Maslows hierarchy The need for belonging is fulfilled by connecting to friends and
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