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MKT 400
Marla Spergel

LinkedIn responses Discussion 5 We have always been surrounded by messages of persuasion in the form of advertisements for some good or service and political propaganda The only difference now is that technology makes the sharing of this information faster Not only does the primary organizationindividual push out their messages but they are then shared and spread even further by other people who have been persuaded by these messages These messages can now be broadcast on multiple platforms and reach different target markets Does the use of technology make these messages more effective In my opinion the use of technology definitely makes these messages more effective When an audience can watch a commercial on their TV screen and browse a website on their laptop they are fully engaged in the campaign A print advertisement or brochure may simply not have the same impactIt is important that whoever is looking to have an influence ensures that they adopt at least some of the 6 principals of persuasion Through reciprocity scarcity authority consistency consensus and liking successful influencers know exactly how to get their message across and use technology to drive an audience to actionDiscussion 7 A Do you believe that results from online consumer research are as rich as offlineDepending on the type of
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